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chicken with the sauce and cheese

Chicken Tray with Sauce and Cheese:
Chicken breasts (250 g), cut into thin slices to medium thickness and stir in: (tablespoon tomato paste, lemon juice, salt, tsp olive oil, dried parsley, paprika, black pepper, Tom powder)
In a bowl on fire, copy the text of a spoon of olive oil,
Add a tablespoon of tomato paste and toss.
Add كوب cup canned tomatoes + tomatoes + powder + onions + powder + black pepper + salt ..
Put the sauce in a tray suitable for the oven ..
Grind the chicken breasts in the grill just a minute on each side, and raise them and dipped in Chinese sauce on the tomato ..
Cover with tin and insert in the oven to complete the level of 20-30 minutes ..
Go out and add a quarter cup of mozzarella light cheese and parsley workshop.
And health here ..
498 calories
22.9 g fat
12.4 g carb
1.6 g fiber
60.7 g protein